Meet The Team

This is supposed to be an about me page. But have you ever written one? It’s really hard! How do you describe yourself in 300 words or less? I could tell you that my favorite words are “that’s funny” or that I am obsessed with Pho and Boba.  I would tell you how much I love the Lord and try to glorify Him. I could tell you about my amazing talented husband Adrian who I married on March 9th, 2012. Ooo, or how about I explain to you why I always read the ends of books before I finish them? That I am a Detroit girl at heart, but I love my new home in Nashville. I am obsessed with The Walking Dead, addicted to cheese and Asian chicken salads from Panera, and that I have always wanted to be a famous singer (but I can’t sing for the life of me)…I could tell you so many things. But what I would rather do, is have coffee with you. And probably dinner, and while we’re out, let’s go shopping. Do you like purses as much as me? I could bore you to death and tell you how much I love photography, we could talk about lighting techniques, posing ideas and more… But you are reading this because you already know how much I love photography and you trust me enough to know what I am doing.. So thank you!